We’re on a mission to eliminate CSAM from the internet—for good.

There is a child behind every file, hash and piece of content. Safer has identified 400,000+ CSAM files on customer platforms.

Together, we’re building a safer internet.

Why Safer

Safer is the only, all-in-one solution that combines advanced AI technology with regulatory and compliance expertise to detect, review, and report CSAM at scale.

Our tool is built using:

  • Advanced AI/ML models
  • Proprietary research
  • The largest database of hashes in the world (32+ million)
  • Cross-platform intelligence via SaferList, hashes contributed by our customers
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What Makes Safer Different

  • A coordinated approach.

    We are transforming the internet by enabling companies worldwide to remove CSAM from their platforms and collaborate to prevent its viral spread.

  • Centered on wellness.

    Our focus on mental wellbeing—within our own team and in Safer’s features—ensures content moderators can avoid burnout and safeguard their resilience.

  • Industry expertise.

    Top tech companies lean on our industry expertise, partnerships, and cross-platform intelligence to deliver a robust CSAM elimination solution.

The Threat

In 2021, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s CyberTipline received over 84.7 million files of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) from electronic service providers (ESPs) alone.

Reports from ESPs constitute the majority of reports received by NCMEC and show that content-hosting platforms are critical partners in addressing this issue.

Companies that attempt to build their own solution quickly learn that the endeavor is costly and inadequate due to incomplete or siloed data sets. The result is ineffective solutions that only partially address the issue for content-hosting platforms.

Safer is changing this.

Why Thorn Made Safer

Safer was created and brought to market by Thorn to fill the need for a solution that could adequately tackle the growing CSAM issue.

With Safer, Thorn is equipping the tech industry with an all-in-one solution to address CSAM on their platforms at scale.

Hear more about Thorn’s vision in CEO Julie Cordua's TED talk.

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 A close-cropped portrait of Chris Hauser
“GoDaddy is proud to be a part of Thorn’s Safer community. Using their services, we can detect and remove CSEA content faster and safely share knowledge in the community in order to keep the Internet a safe and enjoyable place, especially for children.”
Chris Hauser, Director – Infosec at GoDaddy

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