Expertise is hard to come by.

When you’re protecting your platform from abuse, you don’t want to start from scratch. You want to benefit from the hive. Safer lets you do exactly that.

The Threat
How do you protect your platfrom from an unknown threat?
Managing user-generated content impacts your business across teams. From your team’s wellness, to brand exposure, to legal compliance, staying ahead of bad actors keeps your business focused on what you do best.
How We Got Here
A decade of experience at the intersection of technology and combatting child sexual abuse has allowed us the opportunity to deeply understand how abuse content surfaces on the internet and the challenges many companies face today. In 2012, the people who were looking to rescue children from dangerous situations were far behind those using the latest technology to abuse them. Our team has scaled purposefully to maintain issue expertise and the technical leadership to compliment and collaborate with the key actors tasked with finding the children featured in this abuse material quickly.
Thorn founded
R&D efforts to identify solutions for finding victims of child sexual abuse and trafficking
Built first product for law enforcement to accelerate victim identification of child sex trafficking
Safer launches in beta with image hash matching and reporting features
Thorn receives TED Audacious Grant
Safer identifies 65.2K child abuse files on platforms
Safer publicly launches as first comprehensive third-party CSAM detection platform
The Mission
Why Thorn made Safer.

Thorn is a non-profit that builds technology to defend children from online sexual abuse. Activating the tech industry with the right tools to eliminate child sexual abuse material from the internet is critical to this mission. Once we realized there was no market force delivering a solution that could adequately leverage knowledge across industries, we built a team of industry veterans and issue experts to create Safer.

Hear more about our vision in CEO Julie Cordua's TED talk below.

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