Protect your platform with the industry-leading CSAM detection platform built by experts in child safety technology.

Safer is a modular solution that can scale with you. Hashing and Matching are our core CSAM detection services. Safer also offers a Review Tool and a Reporting service, making our platform an end-to-end solution for content-hosting platforms and their trust and safety partners.

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Safer by the Numbers

  • 32M+ Hashes of known CSAM in database
  • 1M+ CSAM files identified on customer platforms since launching
  • 330K+ Images classified as potential CSAM


Safer’s Hashing and Matching Services identify existing CSAM by hash matching against our CSAM database that includes 32M+ hashes. Our Video and Image Classifiers use machine learning to predict whether new content is likely to be CSAM and flags it for further review.


  • Zero in on accounts that are considered high risk
  • Detect known and unknown CSAM
  • Disrupt the viral spread of CSAM


  • Video Hash Matching

    Uses a perceptual scene sensitive video hashing (SSVH) technique to detect whether or not scenes and frames within videos are likely to be CSAM.

  • Image Hash Matching

    Uses cryptographic and perceptual hashing techniques to detect and predict whether or not an image is likely known CSAM.

  • Video and Image Classifier

    Quickly helps content moderators detect new and previously unknown CSAM with a machine learning classification model.


Safer’s Review Tool, a content moderation user interface, is available for content-hosting platforms. Built with flexibility and employee wellness in mind, the Review Tool offers protective settings to deliver an efficient and low-exposure moderation workflow.


  • Queue content for your team’s review
  • Protect your employees’ mental health
  • Natively connects to other Safer capabilities like detection and reporting


  • Wellness Features

    Wellness features like blur, black and white, and resizing help reduce exposure.

  • Smart Review

    Speed up content review with automated actions like classifier scores and match distance flags.


Safer’s Reporting API enables you to send reports directly to NCMEC and RCMP. Safer also provides secure storage space for verified CSAM.


  • Send quality reports
  • Streamline reporting workflows


  • Reporting API

    Report to NCMEC and RCMP quickly and accurately. Our Reporting Service supports you in sending quality reports.


Safer’s AI gets more accurate and precise with each company that contributes hashes to SaferList. By contributing content, you’ll play an important role in enabling Safer to make the web a safer place for everyone.


  • Improve CSAM detection
  • Break down data silos
  • Match against your verified CSAM instantly


  • False Positive Feedback

    A self-sustaining feedback loop that improves matches, increases accuracy, and provides continuous service improvements.

  • SaferList

    A self-managed list of hashes. SaferList helps mitigate the viral spread of new CSAM.

 A portrait of Brian Detwiler.
“Safer not only helps Bublup with legal compliance but also our shared mission of combatting child sexual abuse material on the internet. With Safer, Bublup can now review and report CSAM with greater efficiency when compared with our homegrown workflow, and it enables us to send potentially time-sensitive reports to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children more quickly.”
Brian Detwiler, Chief Legal Officer at Bublup

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