Protect your platform from abuse content at scale

Safer helps stop the viral spread of child sexual abuse material across your platform. Keeping your team, your company, and your users, safer.

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The threat facing your business

Reports of child sexual abuse material are on the rise.

Over the past 15 years

Reports have increased by


Twenty years ago, there was a problem, 10 years ago, an epidemic. Today the crisis is at a breaking point.

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A Trust & Safety tool that actually delivers trust and safety

No matter how big or small, Safer empowers companies to proactively identify, remove and report child sexual abuse material.

Increase team efficiency and wellness

Break down silos and leverage community knowledge

Scale platform detection with user privacy in mind

How it Works

Identify known and unknown CSAM with perceptual hashing and machine learning algorithms

Queue flagged content for review with content moderation tools built with employee wellness in mind

Review and report verified CSAM and securely store content in accordance with regulatory obligations

Contribute hashes of new content to the Safer community



Find More Child Abuse Content

Broaden your protection efforts to identify known and potentially new and unreported content at the point of upload.



Immediately queue abuse content for review

Whatever your process is for handling CSAM, easily queue it up for your team’s review and removal, designed with wellness and resilience in mind.



Streamline your reporting

Help your team work more efficiently and effectively with tools that support the mandatory reporting process. Any child abuse content found and reported will automatically be stored securely for 90 days in accordance with the data preservation order after a report is filed.


Safer Together

Working together to eliminate CSAM from the internet

The Safer community is working together to find more abuse content. Our APIs are built to broaden the shared knowledge of child abuse content by contributing hashes, scanning against other industry hashes, and sending feedback on false positives.

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