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Help eliminate child sexual abuse material from the internet with Safer.

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Protect your platform and your users from abuse content.

Safer is the only all-in-one solution to detect, review, and report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) at scale. Our product is for any platform with an upload button.

Scale CSAM detection while keeping your platform and user privacy secure.

Mix and match services, only use the tools you need.

Increase content moderation efficiency and accuracy—with wellness in mind.

Optimize your detection with advanced AI technology.

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“Thorn makes it simple for businesses to set up and operate a robust child safety program. Their Safer tools are designed with flexibility in mind, and Thorn has provided excellent support to our product and engineering teams to ensure our implementation of these tools fits the unique context of our platform. Slack has long relied on Thorn to help keep our services safe in a responsible and privacy-protective way.”
Risa Stein, Director of Product Management, Integrity at Slack

How it Works

Identify known and unknown CSAM with perceptual hashing and machine learning algorithms.

Flagged content is queued for further review by content moderators. Our Review Tool was designed with employee wellness in mind.

Review and report verified CSAM and securely store content in accordance with regulatory obligations.

Contribute hashes of new content to the Safer community, resulting in more content being removed from circulation and improved detection.

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Find CSAM Faster

Work smarter and identify known and unknown CSAM faster. Safer’s Matching Service leverages cryptographic and perceptual hashing, and machine-learning algorithms trained on the largest database of hashes available to stop abuse content at the time of upload and disrupt the viral spread of CSAM.

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Immediately Queue Abuse Content for Review

Our Review Tool for content moderation was built with employee wellness in mind. Features like image blurring, black-and-white rendering, and resizing all help to keep employees protected when reviewing content.

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Streamline your reporting

Maintain compliance by reporting verified CSAM automatically directly within the tool and securely store content according to regulatory obligations.

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Break Down Data Silos

Your content moderators can add hashes to a self-managed hash list—SaferList—to protect against re-uploads, re-reviews and fine tune your matches. You’re able to instantly match against the content you discover, as well as filter out false positives. You also have the option to share your list anonymously with the Safer community and leverage lists contributed by fellow community members.

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