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Protect your platform with industry-leading solutions for proactive child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and child sexual exploitation detection.

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Mitigate Risk with Detection Solutions from Child Safety Technology Experts

Harmful content can put your brand and users at risk. Safer’s proactive solutions for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) detection are powered by innovative tech, trusted data, and issue expertise.

Match against a database aggregating 57.3 million known CSAM hash values from trusted sources.

Proactively detect new CSAM with state-of-the-art AI.

Enlist predictive AI to flag conversations that may indicate child exploitation.

“Safer Predict’s text classifier significantly improves our ability to prioritize and escalate high-risk content and accounts. The multiple labels and risk scores help our team focus on problem accounts, some of which we had been suspicious about but lacked actionable evidence before we deployed the classifier. Thorn’s expertise is evident in Safer’s ability to detect conversations that could lead to sexual harms against children.”
Niles Livingston, Child Safety Manager, MediaLab

Detect known and new CSAM

Using two equally important technologies – hash matching and artificial intelligence (AI) – Safer detects both known and unknown CSAM and recognizes text-based online conversations that could lead to child exploitation.

Safer Match

Protects your platform from known CSAM (images and video) using secure hash matching

Safer Predict

Protects your platform from new or unknown CSAM and text-based child sexual exploitation, powered by AI

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