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Protect your platform from the risks of hosting child sexual abuse material with Safer’s proactive detection tools.

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Proactive CSAM Scanning Solutions from Child Safety Technology Experts

Harmful content can put your brand and users at risk. Safer’s proactive tools for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) detection are powered by innovative tech, trusted data, and issue expertise.

Access proprietary hashing technologies for images and videos.

Choose the tools that meet your needs—and adjust as you scale.

Match against a database aggregating 29+ million hashes of known CSAM from trusted sources.

Select either on-prem or API-based solutions for proactive CSAM detection.

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“Thorn makes it simple for businesses to set up and operate a robust child safety program. Their Safer tools are designed with flexibility in mind, and Thorn has provided excellent support to our product and engineering teams to ensure our implementation of these tools fits the unique context of our platform. Slack has long relied on Thorn to help keep our services safe in a responsible and privacy-protective way.”
Risa Stein, Director of Product Management, Integrity at Slack

Two Deployment Options for CSAM Detection

Both Safer products were built by our child safety technology experts, but each offers different features to fit your needs and engineering resources.

Safer Essential

An API-based, known-CSAM detection solution that requires minimal engineering resources to set up and provides you access to hash lists of known CSAM for your to match against.

Safer Enterprise

An all-in-one solution for comprehensive detection of known CSAM through hashing and matching and unknown CSAM through classifiers; a self-hosted deployment; and access to a database aggregating 29+ million known-CSAM hash values.

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Cast a Wide Net for Detecting CSAM

Identify known and unknown CSAM with a combination of proprietary cryptographic and perceptual hashing, a large database aggregating hash values of known CSAM, and machine-learning algorithms to detect unknown CSAM.

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Reduce Unnecessary Employee Exposure to CSAM

Our content moderation UI was built with employee wellness in mind. Features like image blurring, black-and-white rendering, and resizing all help to reduce exposure to harmful content during moderation.

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Streamline your reporting

Send reports via a form UI to collect necessary data that enables you to connect to your NCMEC or RCMP cyber tip line account.

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Break Down Data Silos

Benefit from cross-platform sharing of CSAM hash values. Safer customer’s can reduce re-reviews by building a self-managed CSAM hash list of content they’ve discovered. They can share their hash list and choose to match against hash lists shared by other Safer customers.

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